“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” – Donald J. Trump

Before talking about a nation, we should first learn a little about its history.

Unfortunately, Haiti is noticed only for its misery, poverty and delinquency. A country constantly struck by natural disasters, which still carries the burden of its colonial past.

But Haiti is more than that.

Haiti has amazing beaches, as beautiful as those found in exotic nations like Indonesia, Thailand and some of the islands of the pacific ocean. We can find natural wonders in its mountains, landscapes, waterfalls and caves.

And above all, Haiti has marvelous people. They are resilient, strong and proud people, that have been able to withstood centuries of abuse and oppresion, without losing their dignity.

Before anyone believe’s president Trump’s statements about Haiti, this video must be seen. It has the potential to drastically change people’s perception of all that Haiti is.